Investing in new techonogies
Mag Spark technology innovation allows to explore new economic horizons, for example car factories can decide to widely use this technology made to follow anti-pollution directives issued by all world governs.
Whole geographic areas having always high temperature can now become profitable: the heat is the energy that transformed in low pressure, easily can be carried through thousands of kilometers and factories releasing heat in the environment, thanks to Mag Spak, can become energy producers too.

ENERGY for Mobility
Mag Spark system offers countless opportunities in the electric energy application field, some of these have been located with no doubt in mobility field, especially the possibility to recharge electric vehicles, immediately has been extremely interesting both technically and economically thanks to Mag Spark system.

Mag Spark: for all electric and hybrid cars
Always the Energy sector offers wide opportunities to invest and Mag Spark is a good candidate, because all electric and hybrid cars can already equip the "Linear Electric Generator" Mag Spark to supply their own energy needs.

Flexible Energy Resources, Easy and Economic
Nowadays Mag Spark is the only available ecologic solution, indeed the propellant proposed is not only the Water with low pressure but also the Bicarbonate resulting very abundant and cheap. Bicarbonate Special Mixture based, are very good to "supply" electric car also without the main electric distribution.

New income sources for Public Administrations
Many public streets administrators, squares and sunny areas are interested with the possibility to install Mag Spark conduits on the streets for supplying electric vehicles using simple pricing points. Indeed the installation is very cheap because does not need additional costs for trafficking maintenance, so we can have a widespread distribution/production system. Consequently a common street becomes a profitable infrastructure for that road section owner forever.

Companies, corporations, business and private people
If these innovation technologies are considered interesting and at the same time they can be seen both economically and scientifically potential then everyone may contact us to propose solutions and investments.
Every propose will be seriously evaluated with great attention and if it will be considered valid we will bring it with great pride and satisfaction ... as we do always.