Free Ads Service Rules


Xewer S.r.l. Company promotes the use of "Renewable Energies" also called as "Green Energies".
We offer a free ad service reserved for specific categories "Innovation" and "Alternative Energies" with the following conditions:

  • Entries must follow and comply with the Italian Law

  • Entries must not deceive other users

  • "INNOVATION" category can be used by both private users and companies

  • "ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES" category can be used ONLY by private users

  • Entries inside "ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES" MUST NOT contain links or other references to Companies belonging Renewable Energy and Energy Saving areas.

  • Entries published by companies in "ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES" category will be deleted

  • Entries against "GREEN" philosophy will be deleted

  • Entries that could be considered dangerous for Xewer S.r.l. will be deleted

  • Xewer Srl will never collect personal and sensible data and will never send advertising email to registered users

  • The registered users publish their data for their own use and to promote their own initiatives

  • Xewer Srl doesn't get and does not ask money for transactions between users

  • Xewer Srl is not responsible for offer/request entries and for their quality level

  • Every dispute between users will never be imputed to Xewer S.r.l.

  • Xewer Srl reserves the right to delete entries not belonging to any available category

  • Entries must not contain bad words and offending/defamatory arguments

  • Users who are responsible for damages to Xewer S.r.l. or to other users will be persecuted under the law

  • For every dispute call on the jurisdiction of Rome